Hello World... (Our Series-A Funding Announcement)

A little over a year ago, Greg Albrecht and I went out for breakfast to talk about an idea for a wearable device that could change the way people communicate. That idea became a prototype which we built on Greg’s kitchen table. That prototype was good enough to recruit our cofounder Roger Wood and Neil Girling, the first member of our team.

We moved from Greg’s kitchen table to HeavyBit, thanks to a generous invitation from James Lindenbaum, where we have built our team & our company. There our early prototypes started to become a real product.

We were invited into the PCH Access program to help us get from prototype to product, working together as partners to bring our idea to market very quickly.

We earned the support of a number of great seed investors and advisors, including Gil Penchina, Jeremy LaTrasse, Jonathan Heiliger, Matt Mullenweg, Chris Howard at Fuel Capital, and many others.  Their support enabled us to stay (relatively) quiet and focused on building our product, with the capital required to do something ambitious.

A few months later, we met Rich Levandov of Avalon Ventures, who instantly saw the massive potential of what we were doing, and told us he wanted to invest at the end of our demo.

Today we’re announcing our $6.25m Series-A investment, and revealing a little more about what we’re doing to the world. Our product is still under wraps and will be revealed later this year.  We hope you will like it.

Until then, you can sign up to be invited to the the preview on our main page at onbeep.com.

-Jesse Robbins
 OnBeep, Inc. CEO & Founder

OnBeep Raises $6.25 Million to Build Wearables That Unite Teams in Real Time

Rich Levandov and Avalon Ventures Lead Investment on New Product Launching This Year

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 20, 2014) - OnBeep today announced that it has secured $6.25 million in funding to make beautiful wearable communication devices that unite groups and allow teams to collaborate more fluidly in real time. The Series A funding round was led by Rich Levandov of Avalon Ventures, with seed funding from Gil Penchina's AngelList syndicate, Matt Mullenweg, Jeremy LaTrasse, Jonathan Heiliger, Fuel Capital and a select group of highly connected Silicon Valley investors.

Jesse Robbins, Greg Albrecht and Roger Wood founded OnBeep based on their shared vision for a new kind of communication technology. The trio's unique background in technology and design allows them to build a next-generation wearable that blends form and function.

"From people organizing sports events and music festivals, to friends on a ski trip, to parents keeping track of kids at the zoo, our most memorable experiences are created when people work together in real time. OnBeep brings mobile groups together without the distraction of looking at their phone," says Jesse Robbins, CEO & Founder of OnBeep. "We make it easy for people to instantly connect, collaborate and do amazing things together."

The OnBeep team is a diverse group of 20 designers, engineers and artists who previously worked at Apple, Amazon, Google, Nextel, Reebok, Ralph Lauren, Splunk, iRobot, Motorola, Chef, Ekso Bionics and Meyer Sound. Additionally, OnBeep is partnered with PCH Access, a hardware manufacturing accelerator, to produce the product this year.

"There are countless mobile messaging apps, and none of them give people a way to stay connected to each other without having to look down at their smartphone," says Rich Levandov, Partner at Avalon Ventures. "We backed OnBeep because we believe they will fundamentally change the way the world communicates."

If you are interested in learning more about OnBeep or would like to request an invitation to preview the product this fall, please visit www.OnBeep.com.

About OnBeep
OnBeep is changing real time communication, one group at a time. The company creates beautiful wearable devices for instant group collaboration. Wherever people come together, whether for work or play, OnBeep makes team experiences better. The San Francisco based company is backed by leading investors and was founded in 2013. To learn more, visit www.OnBeep.com.