Stay in the moment.

Talk to your people when you need them, no matter how far apart you are.

Meet Onyx

What is Onyx?

Onyx is a wearable communication accessory for instant voice conversations with as many people as you want, across any distance. You stay connected while your phone stays in your pocket.

It’s similar to a walkie talkie, but without the range limitations.

How It Works


Onyx is a small, lightweight communication accessory. Clip it on your shirt, bag strap or pocket, and leave your phone tucked away. A large push-to-talk button, powerful speaker and mic make it easy to talk with your voice. Long distance? No problem.

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Orion App

Pick who you want to talk with right now. Talk to one person, or as many as you like. Works especially well for quickly talking with a group of your favorite people. Share your location on our GPS-based map for rapid coordination.


Do More Together

After using the app to choose who you want to talk to, press the push-to-talk button on Onyx, and voila. Your people hear you from their Onyxes. Talk to each other spontaneously, or while planning a get-together. Save those thumbs for something else.

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Where Onyx Shines

Keep your phone tucked away

For all the times you’d rather not fumble with your phone or get lost in the glow of its tiny screen; Onyx makes it easy to stay in the moment and keep the conversation going.

Close the distance

Share a pair of Onyxes with a friend and chat all day, from anywhere in the world. Use your voice to share more without being stuck on a call.

Pick a spot

Meeting up in a crowd is no problem; from picking where to sit in the park, to getting someone from the airport. Help your friends find you by showing your location on a map. Coordinate smoothly by talking instead of getting bogged down in group texts.

Work as a team

Do more together; coordinate tasks as a group, or take your favorite people with you while you do your own thing. Onyx helps you split up a shopping list without forgetting anything or collect orders to do a lunch run for the whole office.

“Onyx was a huge help for both our production team and our transportation team. The transportation team made great use of the communication aspects of the device to check in with drivers and update them on traffic conditions, as well as the map and location tracking features, which allowed the transportation coordinators to give accurate ETAs to artists awaiting transport.”

— Gabe Schubiner, Decibel Festival

Onyx Features & Benefits

Speak and be heard

Sensitive mic and powerful speaker capture your voice, so people on the other end can hear you clearly.

Wear anywhere

Clips securely onto your clothing or bag. Gentle on skin and delicate fabric.

One-button control

No fumbling required. Large push-to-talk button is easy to find without looking.

Or, be discreet

Silent mode for when you want to keep things quiet. Supports headphones with a mic for private conversations.

Super lightweight

Onyx is designed to go anywhere with you. Won’t drag down your favorite sweater.

Keep your phone in your bag or pocket

Keep the conversation going without having to stay glued to your screen.


Powered by Orion

A big group, or one on one

Pick one special person, or group your contacts quickly for a bigger conversation. Change it up whenever you like.

No distance limits

Free app uses your smartphone data or wifi connection, so you can talk anywhere you have internet.

Easy coordination

Show your location on a map to help friends find you. Turn it on to avoid that tiresome “where are you?” conversation, and turn it off at any time.